SustaiN: Joint

Feed your cows' grass habit.

To deliver the message that SustaiN (fertiliser) grows more grass for your cows, a giant 8m marijuana joint was installed right across from the main gate to the New Zealand National Agricultural Fieldays.

Advertising Agency: KingSt Advertising, Hamilton, New Zealand
Creative Director / Copywriter: Tony Aubrey
Art Directors: Megan Baker, Anna Wilkinson, Sam Walsh
Account Manager: Stephanie Gower
Released: June 2008


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not a lot of people will see a joint there....and I would drink that milk if they feed weed to cows. I can't wait to see the bong version of this...

"U think it's perfect?! Press delete and start again!"

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yeah they rolled it like a middle schooler. honestly it just looks like the banner flew off of the fence and landed on some hay.

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Totally agree with you guys...


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can't agree more.

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I dont get it...

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Crisp One
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doesnt look like a blunt to me, just a hay stack with a bad tarp cover up

redo this ad for Fourthmeal :-P

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john ler
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They'd better give people few blunts if they want them to see a joint here...

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missed my turn
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They were totally going to make this look good, but then they got high.

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The AD is obviously not a toker...

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This is for a fertilizer? WAY too borrowed interest. I didn't even realize that was supposed to be a joint until i read someone's comment, and even then I assumed it was for some anti-marijuana crap.

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hu! inappropriate!

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well apart from the head copy i feel the rest of the copy is lost.... and that's gonna make them be selling more joints than their products....but its some nice direction

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