Sushi Taxi: Operation Panda

The Challenge: To raise awareness of the population about the critical situation of the Bluefin Tuna and inform them that since January 1st 2010, Sushi Taxi has banned all Bluefin Tunas from its restaurants.

The solution: Because of the low interest of the population about the Bluefin Tuna problem, we decided to use the image of an animal that most of the people care about, the panda, and match it to the subject. With this action, we wanted to the audience know that:
"The Bluefin Tuna is threatened to disappear, if he was as cute as a panda, would you still eat it?"
On may 17th, 16 pandas went in the streets of Quebec city to defend the Bluefin Tuna to spread one message: No to Bluefin Tuna.

The results: Lots of medias (newspaper, website and radio) talked about the campaign and the message behind it. The campaign was a huge success and the population reacted very well to the presence of pandas in Québec city.

Advertising Agency: 32 MARS, Canada
Creative Director: Simon Veilleux
Art Director: Guillaume Genest
Copywriter: Simon Allard
Director: Dominique Grenier
Agency Producer: Lumenilux
Published: May 2010


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this makes me a sad panda :(

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Only this outfits are not of cute pandas. It looks too cheap and amature-ish.

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great concept with even better punchline and execution. Great work.

Don't follow the herd - be yourself!

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cool. effective. original. A+

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hits the target with comic relief.

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Van de Boyle000
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Prancing pandas and tuna awareness? Sounds like a home run to me.

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