Superette: Short shorts at Superette

With both men and women now wearing their shorts at breathtaking heights, fashion chain Superette was presented with a unique opportunity to draw attention to their sale on short shorts. DDB Auckland ads were placed on the virgin thighs that are exposed in this latest trend, by putting indented plates across the inner city and fashion district bus stops, mall seats and park benches, so that when people sat down the message was imprinted on their thighs. This meant that as well as having branded seats, a veritable army of free media was created for Superette, with thousands of imprints being created and lasting up to an hour. Plus, by the nature of where the ads were placed, only the hippest young cats were seen advocating the brand.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Auckland, New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Toby Talbot
Creative Director: Regan Grafton
Creatives: Damian Galvin, Rory Mckechnie
Account Director: Jenny Travers
Project Manager: Andy Robilliard

February, 2011


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Innovative ambient idea, but frankly I doubt it works as a medium. Probably it will bring some extra WOM for the brand in the advertising circles.
BTW, do men in New Zealand also wear their shorts at such "breathtaking heights"??

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It only works if the girls sit long enough to make such an impression. But I can see them doing it for the fun of it.

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Ron Burgundy
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lol,that needs to be a category in the "media" drop down menu above

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tack one
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yah, it's a fun idea but mostly a wank as a real advertising initiative.

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i think we have to look very closely to notice that and no one likes to grab such attention...

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Awesome idea but the biggest scam ever, thousands of imprints? more like just the one from the picture (and I'm assuming that had some photoshop involved).

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jajaja its funny.. and new media

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As tack one said, surely it's more a bit of fun than real advertising... and personally I absolutely hate grass/chair/whatever marks i get when i wear shorts, and having an ad imprinted on the back of my thighs definitely won't look that good.

keeping the right side of your head warm.

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Yeah, it reminds me of pigs getting stamped before being brought into the slaughter house lol

Keeping the right side of your head warm.

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Probably not effective, yet I still love it.

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Funny; however I feel like the general public won't like the idea of being the actual physical medium for an ad.

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Prasad Weerasekara
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hey...he...... Funny & brilliant ambient idea......

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Can someone hand them a box of tissues?

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Man, you can't see it on her legs. It's too subtle.

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Rubbish indeed.

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Demasiada forzada la idea, se tienen que alinear los astros para que funcione.

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Impressive, really impressive.

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Only fun not advertising. Next

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So cute

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new wnd interesting but don't think will be effective

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People jump on the "new" so fast even if it is crap in very pure form.

because therefore it is

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oh god ! i doubt this would actually work unless your sitting there for ages or heavy.

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it's fun but not efficient advertisement

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Beauty! Siberian winter lasts nine months - and as I would like to look at such media advertising :D

Advertising in Siberia via

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I do think it's efficient, it send the right message to the right people, it really does. The idea is brilliant, it would definitely get my if I was the type that wears shorts. Brilliant work!

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