primo_susto's picture
440 pencils

this is good

djakuza's picture
517 pencils

cannes winner...

iwannatalktosamson's picture
701 pencils

Awesome idea.

They should add an 'after' image to this layout to show it completed.

davegregory's picture
42 pencils

tip top idea, very responsibubble of them

cperry's picture
280 pencils

Nice connection and fresh. kudos

Zekin's picture
102 pencils

for me is disgusting...

nice idea, but disgusting...

bertie's picture
54 pencils

Really good, interesting idea...though to be truly great we really need to see if it worked and people actually added gum and made the picture (not just the agency guy that's featured in this shot). It would then be great to see what it looked like after people added gum to it. This I feel will hold the concept back at Award shows.

Garg0yle's picture
144 pencils

Top Gun!

alvinpck's picture
1467 pencils

Fantastic idea and great used of medium.
But a little gross. Especially when you are pressing gums besides other people's.


partho's picture
46 pencils

would'nt it be better if the line drawings could be of famous Australian landscapes?

Jet Propulsion Lab's picture
Jet Propulsion Lab
10679 pencils

Interesting idea. But I ain't never touching that saliva-covered, germ-infested board with my exposed bare fingers!

everartz's picture
7609 pencils

indeed this is really good and responsible work...

| Everartz |

daniel ieraci's picture
daniel ieraci
333 pencils

Brilliant on every level. Absolutely love it.

Tero Ylitalo's picture
Tero Ylitalo
628 pencils

Top Gum!

jawtok's picture
183 pencils

Really good idea, specially for the creatives out there who are very "nature" conscious! But I agree with some of you guys about not wanting to touch other people's chewing gums, it does sounds gross. I also like Patho's comment about it would be a bonus to have Australian landscapes or to have a more appropriate/clever picture instead of an arb picture of Marilyn Monroe. Really good concept though!

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luigi bindi
8 pencils

very very good ad...
next gold in cannes

Michael Wolmans's picture
Michael Wolmans
94 pencils

This is terrible

Bye's picture
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It's a nice idea, but it's nasty and certainly not very pretty to look at. Not very convincingly presented either, it's jut not there yet.

timcurrysbadaccent's picture
83 pencils

Hubba Bubba, now in bitter flavour!

Tinglow's picture
614 pencils

I doubt if chewing gums come out in so many flavours and colors...I don't think the painting will ever be complete. But this really is an effective idea. Rock on DDB!

teenie's picture
1894 pencils

I love it! Way to get people interacting with your ad. Brilliant idea.

pooja gadodia's picture
pooja gadodia
86 pencils
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24 pencils

Possibly a contender for a FAB Award!

ryanfluet's picture
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Already done in march '07 on the american reality show "kid nation."

good in principle, disgusting in outcome.

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