October 2008

SulAmerica prevents you from doing the same with the resources of your company.

Advertising Agency: MPM Advertising, Brazil
Creative Directors: Jorge Iervolino, Aaron Sutton
Creatives: Augusto Coelho, Jose Arnaldo Suaid, Daniel Bronfen, Luter Son
Production: Anelito Nobrega
Media: Daniel Chalfon, Gabriel Queiroz, Patricia Russo, Suellen Kiss
Attendance: Marcelo Passos, Waleska Bueno, Isabela Bevilacqua, Mariana Mozzaquatro
Approval: Zeca Vieira

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Activity Score 19

The ad is breathing

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Activity Score 180

am sure someone is going to be screaming 'done!' in a minute or two, but until they do,

I like.

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Activity Score 401

Great campaign of the SulAmerica Health Insurance.



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Activity Score 779

i love it... :D

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Activity Score 280


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Guest commenter

"Luter Son" foi massa.

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Activity Score 3736


Simple ideas are the best !

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Very, very effective. I dont care if it's been done or not. It works.

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Guest commenter

Corroboro com o parceiro acima sobre a ficha.
"Luter Son"

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Guest commenter
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Guest commenter

i think it's not effective. unless the reader turn the page rudely.

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missed my turn
Activity Score 426

Glad to see that it's not an American ad with the economy in it's current state. (Albeit a US dollar).

I think it's decently cool in execution, a bit gimmicky, but still cool. My issue is in the message after. I'm let down by it. I feel like something cooler lies within the truth that most people are likely to tape that dollar back together.

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Activity Score 225

Are dollars the method of currency in Brazil? And I'm pretty sure it's illegal to print reproductions of U.S. dollars. Besides that, like it.

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Activity Score 19

The ad is breathing

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Activity Score 440

good ad. should be lasting.

but the 2nd person reading the ad won't know exactly why the money was torn in half.

and why is there an iphone shape at the bottom left?

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Activity Score 282

I like it

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