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Suddenly they realised nobody's done it. So they thought let's do it. Better late than never. Not so bad though.

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Come on!!!

This has been done before and won quite a few awards....remembers the VW Touareg outdoor? It's an award winning ad from Germany.

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roight, but guys, this things old, I remember seeing it waaaay back then, in the early 2000 years.

... its already been done...

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it's fake, it should be reflecting the images above the water;
the sea ain't clear enough to show whats underneath it.

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it IS reflecting and it's NOT showing what's underneath

like.a.boy's picture
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looking at the 3rd tiny building from the left,
A real reflection should only be slightly longer
than what it's reflecting, NO WAY it can ever
reach this distance.

So it's fake. I thought an illustrator/sharp AD
should be able to spot this mistake.

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nice thought.. but I'm sure it was only one hoarding in one place in mumbai.. I think its Scam. single piece for the shot.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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Andreas TM
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'Course it's fake. Ever tried to place an ad inside the ocean?
Talk to the mayor of your city...

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amit parekh
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i like that

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me thinks
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Thumbs up..

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