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Darko Bosnar
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* R E S P E C T *

art director at IMAGO

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I actually liked it :))) When you see the really serious presenter ("Mhmmm, yes, right, let's move on")next to the streaker it really makes you laugh. Worth every penny, I say, if not as a publicity stunt, then at least as a fun thing to do at Cannes...

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it deserves a lion

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Sorry. I'm not a Cannes snob, but I think it's just immature and rude to interrupt an event like that. Any event. It feels rather desperate and shameless to me. It made me aware of New Creatives when it happened, yes. But not in a good way.

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Actually i think it was a great insight. New creatives struggle with many new ways to get noticed, including moves like thisone. They are desperated to get a chance.

That this site fits perfectly to that idea.

And rude? mmm i think that advertising itself is rude.

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It made you aware of newcreatives.com, regardless of in a good way or bad way it did its job ten fold over.

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It was fun and memorable. Mission accomplished.


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I personally don't like it much. But look at the numbers, it did what it was designed to do, and for that it was great.

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I really don't know whats so creative about disrupting people and looking stupid - its not new, its not funny, its just stupid

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i respect anyone that has the balls to do that, literally.
but it didnt exactly set the world on fire.
the online 'proof' that it worked were 'it was on adsoftheworld, youtube' and there was a dubious looking graph with an upward spike.
well done for doing it, but i doubt we'll ever hear of it again..

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like william hung

respect my ass.

it makes advertising an ugly business.

no offense, but get the fuck out.


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Apparently there are some people here that take advertising very seriously.

Guess what: it's only advertising!

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it's not about advertising - interrupting any sort of event is just rude,
again: i don't see why this should be a creative idea

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yes. thk u
just imagine if it's your marriage ceremony..


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Big balls to do it, but there is no twist in the idea, there had to be a gag other than the streak

Strip. Strip. Strip.

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