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Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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the oz one is so much better.


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nice idea, but not every people would understand this, except an ex-con?

"you are valued for your value so be valuable..."

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How long were you in for?

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20 yearrs only raped 15 times

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Hmm, no ex-cons aside I think alot of people would.

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I think "soap on a rope" and "don't drop the soap" have entered the popular lexicon. I don't think you need to have actually gone to prison to get the reference.

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~~be cool eh!~~

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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with so many other charities out there i can't see anyone having symathy for cons

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brilliantly packs a laugh when you discover it

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Yeah, but where exactly?
Actually, any sidewalk in West Village would be a riot! Guys will be picking it up and saying to themselves "and why not?" :o

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This is not an ambient. This is an idea.
So easy to pretend that an idea is an ambiant.

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when i first saw the thumbnail i thought this would be an ambient for a gay club or so.

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ein mann ohne knast ist wie ein baum ohne ast.

добро пожаловать и наслаждается!
The Prozac Republic®

добро пожаловать и наслаждается!
The Prozac Republic®

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I don't think it needs the 'what if it happened to you?' line.

Works better with just the web address.

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I agree. But I ask myself: What can they do about it?

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PaulyG_fill in ...
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i agree as well. The line doesn't work. If they've got people bending over on the street to pick up the soap, they need a message like: Look out behind you, or something that takes into account the fact that they've got you bent over.

And the other question is - what the hell am I supposed to do about stopping prison rape?

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il loco
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As the great Ted Royer said: If you are going to make a scum ad, make it great.
This is a very bad ad, even if the brief, the client and the problem were real.

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Is this for real? Does it really exist? I mean, you don´t go to jail thinking
"oh, at least i can rape some dudes in there".

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Dalbir Singh
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I don't think I would care picking a soap off the street, just as I won't pick up cigerette boxes from the street.


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Prison = Soap = Thousand times.

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Prison = Soap = Thousand times.

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that's it? and whats the call to action? or it doesnt need any?

end of joy, enjoy

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Surly creative ...
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Is this a huge problem we face? I see how Pollution, Hunger, AIDS, Cancer, Global Warming, Animal Extinctiion, Drugs and probably about 200 other charities could directly affect my everyday life. Prison rape on the other hand, who really gives an ass-stretched sh*t?

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I just read this 3 years later from when you said it. I feel very sad for you that you can't keep an open mind about the fact that while you were being sarcastic, some first time youth offender somewhere in the U.S. in whatever prison system was being gang raped.

Only someone who has never had any object inserted up you could make such a statement. Unprepared penetration is no laughing matter. It makes a grown man cry at the pain of feeling it. Imagine what it must be like for a young hot shot egotistic teen who just comes into the penitentry that he has been assigned to live at, and before he's even had a week to settle in, he is visciously gang raped.

This is no laughing matter. He was heterosexual when he came to the facility, but with no choice of his own, he is turned out by force. These young men are someone's sons, brothers, uncles, cousins.....I think you get my point.

You'll probably never read this since you posted so many years ago, but whoever else seems to stumble upon this post, I have one thing to say for advice.

Don't make fun of someone else's excruciating trauma and non ending nightmare. These are males with feelings. Be careful what you say about someone else's fate. Thanks for listening. - Chakra Awakening

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surly creative, I think prison rape is as bad as the other problems you have mention. Don't
not forget that there is a possibility of having innocent people or mistaken identity in the prison,
also for the fact that someone is in prison does make such person a total write off. it is enough
emotional truama to be in prison, to be raped in prison would be total emotional death. I think the
issue needs to be addressed.Note I'm not an excon and I don't have any family that is, or any close
pal but you know,it could you or even me. well i think the message on the soap says it all.

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what's the emoticon for rolling one's eyes?

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albinic areola

I guess theres an NGO for everything, check dis out,

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Nice idea but exactly the same concept as the campaign for the Gay Pride in Sao Paulo :

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I think this is horribly clichéd. The "bar of soap" has become such a staple in comedy and jokes that I doubt it's an effective way of turning peoples attention to the - very serious, and very common - problem of sexual violence in prisons.

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that's not even a real site. did they just make this as a joke?

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