Stockholms Stadsmission: The Oh So Good Ice Cream

Summer is the time of year when least money is donated to charity, perhaps not surprisingly. After the cold winter, most people are busy enjoying the sunny weather. But these sunny summer days are of no use to the young and poor children and teenagers in Stockholm who need support all year round. The charity Stockholms Stadsmission needed to find a way to get this message across to the people of Stockholm. The Idea. Instead of taking the classic approach of targeting people’s bad conscience, we decided to focus on what the people of Stockholm enjoy above all else during the summer months. Yes! To eat ice cream! So we created The Oh So Good Ice Cream. An ice cream that was good in at least two senses of the word. We sold it around town and online for a mere SEK 50 (€5). Every krona went towards helping vulnerable children and young people. The Result The campaign was by far the most successful summer campaign ever made for Stockholms Stadsmission.

Advertising Agency: Garbergs, Sweden
Art Director: Erik Dagnell
Copywriter: Sandra Beijer
Digital Director: Magnus Hällsten
Account Executive: Pernilla Berg
Account manager: Birgitta Samuelsson
Graphic Designers: Lotta Dolling, Beatrice Sztanska
Final Art: Roger Blomqvist–Rantf


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3937 pencils

That´s all? i want my 2:33 back

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loved the hillbilly music in the background.
It's great they knew how to aprroach the target and they even give free ice cream while they helped poor children... damn all the good stuff i have done in my life does not compare whit this XD

btw Glut why do you want your 2:33 back, don´t you learnt something new from this?

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