Stihl: Wall

Stihl High Pressure Cleaners. Clean for real.

Advertising Agency: DCS, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Creative Directors: Régis Montagna
Art Directors: Régis Montagna
Copywriter: Patrick Matzenbacher
Released: January 2008


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It stays a good idea, even after the 10th execution

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Jonny Lonestar
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Nice, thats advertising...

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Wow, really impressive.

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Pretty good stuff.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Good ol' product demonstration never fails. Provided it's a good product people would want.
Like it a lot!

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That's the point! It's not just saying it's good, it's showing it.

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Done for Bosch.

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Neil Levy
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neil levy

it's so tough now given how many great ad agencies there are around the world. personally, i've seen this done several times here in america. no way you'd probably know that (although one version was in some shows so maybe a little research would help) but it's good thinking so don't be discouraged. your thoughts are in the right place.

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white widow
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really cool

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There's a few of you I'd expect to know your adhistory, shame on you guys.

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I've seen those before, but not in Brazil, just in guerrilla books and stuff like that...
and it wasn't about high pressure cleaners...I mean, its a great idea and just because it was done before in another country for another product, doenst mean that you can't use such a great concept anymore. Costumers dont know it and I'm pretty sure it worked with them. Think about what works and what sells, not about I'm an artist and I'm doing the most creative ad.

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