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daniel ieraci
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I hate to sound critical, but I don't think children in kindergarten are going to notice the branding or pick up on the message on the steps. Even if they did, I'm not too sure that I like the idea of advertising directly to children as I feel it's only appropriate to target the parents regarding child-related products.

Maybe it's just me though...

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andrej dwin
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gosh, daniel!
you've just completely killed me.
I actually liked the idea, before you brought me to the point that those kids can't read!
it might work only if they automatically knew what the brand is and does.
it's a very ethically questionable ad, that's true, but I think it could seriously work.
even though the logo is awful.
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this should be aimed at parents, im not sure if it reaches them in these placements.

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I hate to sound critical but i dont think the execution is good....:(

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am with daniel............

/i judge an ad\

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Maybe it'd work better in a kids restaurant (like McDonalds) where the adults would see it?

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yes, it's a placement problem, the sink in a kindergarden has to be short in the first place, and if it isn't the guy who built it is an idiot.
the parents have to see the ad, because it's them who'll make the decision of buying the product.
change the setting to a place where sinks are high and parents have to help their kids wash their hands, and it works beautifuly.

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fala fulani
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rocketman has it. Daniel i think you overlooked the restuarant aspect.

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the idea is good but the font and the implementation could be much better. even the stand could be a better design.

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