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ahahah... Brilliant idea!! Seriously!

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You touch and i"ll kill you...
I dont see this working at all, total scam.

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Agreed pico - you touch my feet and I'm gonna clock someone in the head. People need their personal space and dignity - hang tags for product off any part of me and I'm going to do everything in my power NOT to buy your brand. Maybe I'll buy someone else's. If these were willing participants, or dummies in bodybags that's one thing, but this could be offensive.

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Another classic case of 'advertising done for advertising people'. If you did this for real you'd end up with a black-eye and maybe a broken nose.

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so fake

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Several newspapers ran stories about it? Really? Because of these tags? Zurich must be a VERY a sleepy town...

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J Designer
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lol I think its quite funny. This may be a scam...but as they said the people were sleeping - so who knows maybe they didnt wake up in time to have a go at the people puting the tags on their feet or their friends feet, so who knows, it could be real.

Either way i like it. well done.

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Nice idea, but I agree that no one wants to be touched or advertised to while they're relaxing under the sun.
It might have worked better as a stunt--hire people to lay on the beach to raise awareness of the issue.

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A good SCAM test: if the "advertising" would get your ass kicked, it's probably SCAM.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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good idea.

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A black eye or a broken nose is a small price to pay for such a great idea. Well done.

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are you kidding? it's completely flawed!

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are they serious?
this is sooooooooooo fake.

it's also idiotic.

ask me what I'd do to an arrogant agency creative touching my girlfriend.

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So let me get this straight...

Demonstrate that sun kills people and then use people to execute it...

I can see the creative review now...

ECD: Don't worry, we can afford to kill a couple of models for the sake of this idea, after all, it's such a great idea...

Got to love the sheer ballsiness of it...

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i think its a brilliant idea, but i'd be pissed mad if you tagged me!

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you could hire a group to sunbathe with toe tags, but that would compromise your message.

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If this is real, then it's a serious invasion of personal space. Can't we agree that there are just some places where advertising should never appear? Like our consumers' unwitting bodies??

--Casey Boccia
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"Bright ideas bring better results"

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"Bright ideas bring better results"

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very very strong

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Come on, the sun doesn´t kill you. Just put on some sun block and enjoy life. Nobody is going to stop going to the beach or to the park and enjoying a nice day.

When creating a campaing for skin cancer awareness don´t try it by puting the blame on the sun. You have to focus on people, and making them understand that only takes them to use the right protection to avoid skin cancer... You should be saying: do you wanna live long and healthy? then put on the god*** sun block.

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Is it too late. . . only when they wake up do they realize that they've absorbed enough sunlight :( Why don't take their notice previously ? Besides, the tags are not big enough to draw people's attention, and who cares what are being hung around little toes on the beach or park?

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cool... äh...hot.

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beautiful and simple. requires no words! although it doesn't need to be done 3 times..

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