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Nothing special anymore, its been done before by Saatchi & Saatchi earlier.


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whoa! you beat me to it!!! hahaha...must have been by seconds too cuz your comment wasnt there when i started to write mine!

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if you check the time of the comment, it is exactly one second... great minds think alike ;)

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This almost makes me angry. How can they call this their idea? Besides, it's so much more relevant for Pap John's.

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I agree. It seems like such a wasted execution.

Fail Harder.

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"How can they call this their idea?"
How can you tell that the pizza idea was first? Perhaps it was first in all the advertising blogs? Anyway, the pizza one is a little bit better. And I'm sure, both executions were send to cannes this year.

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i agree. don't know which one has been done first.
maybe it was the one with the pizza guy, it's just better in line with a pizza door delivery.

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I have seen movies that say " the shadow of the novel...." . " an ad in the shadow of an award winning ad". Duh.

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if i remember right, i saw this work some months before the cannes festival. however, i like more the pizza one ;-)


Let’s do something great together.

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I'd beat the shit out of the next bloke who pastes this at my peephole.

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Hey hey! relax aiite~ May I assume ur not in advertising?

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Even tho this is copied, by the law of physics you will only be able to see the girl's boobs. There is not much distance between the peep hole and the girl.

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peepholes have a fisheye lens on them tho desi...

while this particular one may be embellished a little...the idea will most definitely show the whole figure if done correctly.

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Both ideas were submitted to the Cannesfestival at the same time. The only problem was, that the client “OTTO” wasn’t known by most of the people in the international jury. So it achieved only a placing on the shortlist. The Pizza achieved gold, as you all know.
Sometimes the client makes the difference not the idea…

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the otto-version is crap compared to the pizza delivery - especially as significance is concerned.

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Claus Thaler
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Perhaps it was not the client that made the difference, but the fact that most people prefering to eat a pizza than a boring catalogue. :-)

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i dont know the i dont know if its boring or not. but, a pizza joint is a much more relevant client for this medium...

when is the last time you had a magazine saleswoman come to your door? or a hot mailwoman dressed in a bikini?

i suppose there is a weak connection where if this magazine finds its way to your front door then the pictures of the women between the covers are coming to your house as well.....and in a figurative sense there is a hot chic at your door...blah blah blah...the pizza delivery guy works much much better....even if they were submitted at the same time.

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otto is a catalogue company particularly for clothes. they often use famous models such as heidi klum and eva padberg to illuminate their ordinary clothes. so it kinda makes sense as it says "wow, the cover girl delivering my otto catalogue personally". if you had ever seen a german postman you would certainly be twice as happy to see eva padberg (german postmen usually look like german football players of the late 80s)
anyhow i agree to you, the pizza guy was more relevant.

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ok..thanks for the otto background!


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Arnold Santillan

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good one

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Radoslav Minchev
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I would stick a sniper rifle ;)

not freedom like a shopping card

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