Sprite: Tell it like it is, 4

Sprite Zero – No sugar. No bull***t.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Denmark
Creative Directors: Simon Wooller
Art Directors / Copywriters: Rasmus Petersen, Lasse Hinke, Simon Wooller
Photographer: Morgan Morell


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its rather creative.

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Somewhat creative? Now, we all know MAD Magazine did this on the back of every single issue (i.e. Fold A to B) that was ever published (starting in the 80's no less). So creative it's not. This concept is totaly forced and the copy is irrelevant to the product. Refreshing. Sprite. Sex. Lingerie. Window shopping. The right window. No sugar. No bulls--t. What? So much for "image is nothing. Thirst is everything". What a f--ked up branding message this soda-pop company is sending to their consumers.

original doodles + creative sweat = thinkingfresh.ca

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fold my magazine? okie..i like how the text appear after holding, but may i know what is inside the SEX window? sex toys?
not a bad one, but using same method perhaps can come out a even more creative ad.

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of course their sex toys....what else do they look like?

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This says shoes are bulls***t. :) Nice idea.

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Yeah! Stick it to the shoes!!

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Great concept, I just fear people are too lazy to fold their magazine.

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more than "inspired" by the beck video for "girl"


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Anybody remember the MAD comic books? Also had a fold feature in every issue. This here is ok, seems pretty obvious what the result will be with the sex window on the right.

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Concept had been literally a thousand times before. MAD magazine best known for it as you said. But McDonald's has done the same thing in some of their magazine ads. Chevrolet also had used a similar concept in a truck video commercial.

Effective concept, but not very orginal.


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The folding thingy's been done (and usually much better and less obvious than here). As have campaigns about 'telling it like it is'. Doesn't work for me.

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i don't think the idea has been overdone and i wouldn't estimate the MAD mag reference as negative either.
people will certainly remember this ad because of it's interactive character.
it looks a bit forced but i think that's unavoidable when you do 4 of them.
though the hockey team ad could have been done better, it just looks strange with this duplicate player.

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i agree....the dup player and that other guys arm (the one that goes over the shoulder) could have been varied a little.

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Last page MAD magazine ??

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MAD magazine inside back cover fold-in.....

wikipedia link

google images link

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sweet. sweet mad magazine memories flooding back. al jaffee should be here to witness this!

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