Sprite: Clones

There are lots like you waiting for your girl.
If you snooze, you loose. Sprite, refreshing truth.

Action during Valentine's day.

Advertising Agency: McCann, Erickson, Perú
Creative Directors: Ricardo Mares, Nicolás Romano
Art Director: Ricardo Toyohama
Copywriter: Javier Jerí
Director: Juan Carlos Snack / Plastilina Films
Production: Melissa Malqui, Carla Dextre

February 2012


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I liked flash mobs six years ago.

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Akshaya Singh
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And yet the 'flash mob strategy' got them the eyeballs... Won't call it a flashmob per se .... but it is an interesting way to grab attention ... and ensure that the message is received by the audience... Any other medium has the risk of being ignored by the audience .... this is a nice work according to me ... nothing new, but served its purpose...

Amateur for life!

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Wow, this one person who watched the entire flashmob from the beginning to the end must have been really amazed.

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Qué chévere. Cómo se nota que se viene el Gran APAP. Y que muchos confunden "publicar" sus truchos (malos encima) con hacerlo en adsoftheworld en lugar de publicar en medios reales con pautas reales.

Los 120 truchos de Canchaya, pronto aquí.

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jajajaja te amo tío

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Malo, este tipo de cosas las haciamos en el IPP.

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