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bad work

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Can you be more elaborate? I don't agree.

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erm... what?

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It's the simplest thing ever. Stapler is advertised with just showing the existing staples in the magazine.

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simple can be simply bad at times...

this one doesn't quite nail (or staple) it for me. if it's just plain old stapling, i'd rather buy a cheaper brand that didn't spend its profits on advertisements like this. there's nothing to distinguish it from another brand, the benefit doesn't excite me.

besides, it is also impossible to easily staple the centrefold at one go (the body's not long enough), and the brand stapler is probably not the stapler that's but I do digress.

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Are you kidding me?

Totally do not agree.

"i'd rather buy a cheaper brand that didn't spend its profits on advertisements like this."

Are you telling me that as a person that purchases something, you sit and analyse how much money was

The benefit might not excite you. Staplers are not meant to excite.

The ad itself, well the ad is pretty darn exciting.

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"Staplers are not meant to excite."

I've read somewhere that "there is no such thing as a low interest category". If it's currently 'low interest', then one should try to make it such that it is no longer 'low interest' (many products are 'low interest' until someone showed that that product needn't be boring e.g. Tabasco)

Hmmm... just an idea, but I just thought of showing a few roadkill stuck on a kid's wall (along with heavy metal/mortal kombat posters and stuff).

Tagline "Leitz staples".

Now if it's that kinda ad, I'd buy it. :D

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God I love Tabasco...

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Designed for award shows, not for results. The reality is that only says "Our stapler staples". But I think the idea is a fantastic use of medium.

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Jonny Lonestar
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if this wins anything, i quit.

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I am kinda confused abt this one; A stapler that staples....hmmm. Look there-look here-link the two- get the idea....donno... what that stapler is trying to say ? Can it staple centre folds? or what?

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What, the longest comments posting ad on site yet, if I am not wrong? Ivan??

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Hey guys don't you think we are bored from smart white ads ????????

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Instead of using giantic staplers to stape the bloody thick book (not clear) yet to avoid the
spread from being wrinkled, use LEITZ STAPLERS.

That's what i digested.

Thickness of book/mag should be obvious enough.

Or else it's just an ads of stapler on a white space of spread and wasted another spread for
no reason at all.

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i completely agree with farrukh and everyone else who appreciates this advert....this ad might not make me run to the stationary shop to buy the stapler.....but makes me think....makes me stop flipping the page and luk at it....makes me remember the name of a brand of staplers (can't remember any other brand rite now!)n' it makes all u ppl who have disliked the ad...discuss it so much!!!!

i rest my case!!

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