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Big Friendly Mo...
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Hey Sparky! if u don't buy it then sell it... ;)'s picture
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the spoon can not resist ???

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tamer samy
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Surely there are better ways to express the idea of desire/temptation than this gimmick? Compare it to the following adidas campaign where as much work has gone into the execution as the idea.

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Yum :) i like it but if there is some shadows maybe that's better

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oh, maybe the spoon had a bad day at the office…

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looks like this spoon was stuck into the ice cream wrong side up just in order to make it bow down.

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lol @ previous posts...aren't you tired of personifications? ninja cows, speaking cars, and spoons with spine injuries...

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You personify a bengali bitch...

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Shut the door, Ib.

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It looks like the spoon forgot to take viagra

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Ivan, you better take out angolan boy here, "suat-your-mouth", hes been a member for 7 hours and have slagged off 3 of your regular customers.
Behave suat-your-mouth and make some decent comments.

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True. And maybe he should post his ads from Angola so we can see how great he is 1st.

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On the contrary, I think it's a striking entry that sends a clear message. The copy is clear and the visual mechanism compliments it. I can't see why people are having a hard time with such simplicity.

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I agree. People seem to get so much enjoyment out of criticizing that they look for things to make negative comments about whether they're deserving or not. This isn't an award-winning or unique ad, but it's certainly a good one.

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it feels like the product is SOOOOOOO toxic that it can bend metal in this case ,a spoon.

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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erection disfuntcion?

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Hahaha! basuca! you are right!

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Big Friendly Mo...
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erection disfunction? Please man! you can't even spell disfunction right! I guess you're the one with the disfunction. On top of that, i guess the idea of the whole ad was that the ice-cream is so desired that even a 2D spoon becomes alive just to have it.

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Excellent thought.. I wud call it a master piece… so nice.


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for some reason.....i just dont buy it.

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Big Friendly Mo...
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Hey Sparky! if u don't buy it then sell it... ;)