SPFW: Paper

Use less paper.

The 2006 Winter edition of FWMag became carbon free. Therefore, sustainability was the Sao Paulo Fashion Week's theme.
The ad was was illustrated with an insert designed at about half the trim size of the others.

Advertising Agency: Ag_407, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Selma Navarro
Art Director: André Felipe
Copywriters: Selma Navarro
Released: November 2006


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i've have a campaign with this specific execution for a while, but now i have to take it out of my book. :( kudos to this team, but now if i show mine an agency will assume i copied these guys.

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not every creative will see or keep track of every ad ever made. If you really like it then I suggest you keep it. If you have numerous other works in your portfolio that is at the same calibur then no one will call you a thief.

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Thanks for your insights. I'm really proud of my version, and it would have bummed me out to take it out of my book.

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