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smells of scam. what is that paper on the wall? shouldn't you design it? name the "advertiser" too (or are you pussies?).

but idea is great.

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It's written above what does paper on the wall sais: Keep your hands clean, dont give or take a bribe.

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I got that *sheesh*

I was just asking why it isn't designed.

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erm.. is that real money? otherwise is a better ad for beware of false money. and if it's real the first guy will steal it and the next one has no soap at all. very clever

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They are actually smaller than usual and made out of paper.

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if you are washing your hands with the money, isn't that the opposite of what the campaign is trying to say?

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J Designer
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but the clients are taking and using the money???

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bad copy
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the target will probably steal the soap...

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To Kateter: They are not an advertising agency and they don't design. The idea is great regardless the execution

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