Message relay

June 2009
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1. Client’s orientation points: Raise awareness of the Special Olympics in Japan effectively using a limited budget.
Describe how the promotion developed from concept to implementation:
2. Solution: Produce a “message baton” using the idea of a baton for sports competition and engraving this with a message. Spread the message through a baton relay of handing it from one person to another. This revolutionary idea makes this an ongoing campaign without spending any money.

Client evaluation: The clients raved that it was the most innovative idea they have ever seen. Media coverage: In media value the baton starting ceremony picked up by newspapers and TV accounts for approximately $112,000 in free publicity.

Why the method of promotion was most relevant to the service:
3. Strategy validity: We were able to send a deep and impactful message through people without using money as other campaigns do. It provides a heart warming moment to many people almost as if it were a present from a stranger.

Advertising Agency: Shigaya-Gumi Tokyo, Japan
2nd Sales Promotion / Advertising Agency: Rhizomatiks, Tokyo, Japan
Creative Director: Koichi Shigaya Shigaya-Gumi
Art Director: Shintaro Hashimoto Shigaya-Gumi
Copywriters: Saori Yanagida, Haruyuki Takano Shigaya-Gumi
Producer: Seiichi Saito Rhizomatiks
Web Director: Daisuke Nakahama Rhizomatiks
Flash Coder: Hiroyuki Hori Rhizomatiks
Technical Director: Hidenori Chiba Rhizomatiks
Documentation Producer: Noboru Shishidoh Shigaya-Gumi
Documentation Director: Toshihikotakenaka Shigaya-Gumi
Documentation P.manager: Keisuke Ohyoshi Shigaya-Gumi

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