SOS Fauna: Elevator

Advertising Agency: Media Contacts / Havas Digital, Brazil
Creative: Felipe Cirino
Art Director: Neto Nogawa
Creative Director: Luis R. Constantino
Account Manager: Andre Felix
Planner: André Furtado, Allan Alves
Procution Company: Fulano Filmes
Film Director: João Papa
Producer: Ana Rodrigues
Editor: Flávio Eidi
Photographer: André Dip
Sound designer: Cabaret

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puppiepoppy's picture
1636 pencils

Fake fake.

atb2005's picture
13567 pencils

If they did this to me, I'd be mad as hell. It may very well be a scam.

Alec K's picture
Alec K
43 pencils

As long as it's just for a "few seconds", I can dig it.

sirvan's picture
29870 pencils

Fake. Or somebody got sued.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

Magood's picture
125 pencils

Stupid idea. Stupid to think anyone out here would think they did this for real...

F5's picture
3 pencils

aggressive, daring, I liked so much.
great idea!

Jackbr's picture
1393 pencils

Muuuy bueno.


Brz_Ads's picture
76 pencils

It's a crappy!!!!

TatiiiAlmeida's picture
166 pencils

I don't like either. If your intention is make people feel the same as animals, you need show them inside while they are in the situation. Build a cage inside elevator, puts stickers of wood or metal, make the bars around. You don't need go so far. It's not cool stop the elevator for do advertising. Use their time and give the message inside.
I gave 4 because there is an idea, just bad solution. And the solution counts a lot.

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