Solo: The world's largest message in a bottle

Say hello to the world's largest message in a bottle. 2011 Grand Prix winner in Eurobest, Solo from Norway, is out with a new spectacular campaign and continues the quest for world fame. The bottle is 8 meters long and is filled with a 12 square meter letter and a case of Solo (of course). Object: To let the wind and ocean currents decide who gets to taste the world's best soda. And the fans can guess where it will end up at

Advertising Agency: Try/Apt, Oslo, Norway
Art Directors: Martin R. Thorsen, Karin Lund, Dennis Tönnkvist
Copywriters: Øystein Halvorsen, Bjørnar Buxrud
Project managers: Cecilie Thue, Monica Rosengren
Account managers: Linda Kling, Eivind Moe
Bottle: Hydrolift / Eker Design
Film: Anti Media
Camera: Making waves
Batteries / Solar panels: Sunwind
Web production: Try/Apt
Web developers: Knut Skåla, Pål Smitt-Amundsen, Thomas Sømoen
Design: Richard Rosenlund, Thomas Bråthen
PR: Niche AS
Media agency: OMD

March 2013


Meredith Singh's picture
Meredith Singh
397 pencils

Very interesting. Will win some big awards assuming it wraps up nicely.

peshawa.sofi's picture
203 pencils

brilliant Idea

feysal's picture
2561 pencils

i absolutely agree brilliant

groovy baby!

lenilsonlima's picture
26 pencils

So... the idea is quite nice, but whenever I see it, just I see one thing: trash on the sea.

morse's picture
17002 pencils

Fantastic idea. I would think it's fairly easy to calculate where it will end up. Aren't ocean currents well known?

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

kleenex's picture
40662 pencils

I say no based on hurricanes and other weather. This sucker may not even make it land.

jackblack's picture
2342 pencils

Nice idea. Should do something for Solo's brand - whatever that is.

Klara K.'s picture
Klara K.
3347 pencils

I like it, quite romantic :)

timesashes's picture
77 pencils

Hope it's well built enough to make it to the land! especially the camera n stuff.

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