Solidarités International: Water talks

Solidarités International built an extraordinary wall of water right in the heart of Paris to generate public awareness about the devastating ramifications of unsafe drinking water. Unsafe drinking water is still the primary cause of death in the world today. Each year, it leads to deadly illnesses such as cholera, typhoid, malaria, diarrhea and trachoma in almost 8 million people, including nearly 1.8 million children. In honor of the World Water Day, the NGO Solidarités International, specialized in meeting people’s most vital needs (including safe drinking water), orchestrated a revolutionary public event. To better capture the attention of passers-by, the agency created a whole new kind of billboard, using water as the medium. A temporary wall of water was set up in the very heart of Paris and for one week it conveyed poignant messages that made people realize the vast extent of damages caused by unsafe drinking water all around the globe.

Advertising Agency: BDDP & Fils, Paris, France
Creative Director : Guillaume Chifflot
Art Director : David Derouet
Copywriter : Emmanuel de Dieuleveult
Motion Photographers : J and J
Production Company: Cosa (Paris)
Published: March 2010


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Carlos Garcia
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This is freaking bleepin' awesome.


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FUCKING AWESOME DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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Great way to use water billboard (Aquagraphics) but agency didn't create a "whole new kind of billboard". I have seen this at Geneva Car Show 3 years ago for JEEP.

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great way to steal stuff that already existed 3 years ago:


especially love the dolphins... in this one:


but: still it is "fucking awesome" and still it makes sense to use it for social awareness based around unsafe drinking water.

Hello Cannes.

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Yup. First thing I thought of. But I hope Cannes doesn't reward theft (but they do, and they will).


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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bad copy
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@sloantie: touché.

@Emmanuel de Dieuleveult and David Derouet: I have this video in my bookmarks (since a couple of years) and I would have liked to use it for a project. So F*c#. Go outside instead of spending time on stupid video communities... ;)
Bell 1 Meucci 0

But this open the ol' thread: should creatives create totally new different tools or should they use the already exisisting ones to communicate a message that is connected with the product?

Emmanuel, David and I are not Bell neither Meucci.
I suppose one of our aspirations as creatives should be to make something in John Draper's (not Don) style.
So let's try harder.

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Damn good! And what the hell the technique already existed. A tv-commercial is also done before.

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Nice technique thinking.

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Good resource. Already exist, but not in ad. :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yq6kjwVZU10

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An existing technique, yes, but they used it more effectively and with more relevance than anyone before them. And being effective and relevant is our job.

--Casey Boccia
Carton Donofrio Partners

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I second that! It's not like the person who originally came up with this idea patented it or something.

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well said cboccia

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bad astronaut
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pretty sick....

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but I though it's about rain and driving in the rain...

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well done!Effective.

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the person who invented this device is a flippin genius

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