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Great Idea. Keep it up O&M


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Nice idea... but in some way it feels weird to come to zero, which is logical, but quite overpromessing. Anyone can tell you that it won't be the case, even years in advance... Maybe just change something in the line, making it less definite by saying 'it will be 0' but instead 'By the end of 2007 we are striving the number of new HIV cases to be: 0' (sorry for not superb English, but you get the idea ;)

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I think this works better:


And it appeared before this one did.

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I'm agree. that one is much better.

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Sooooo much better!
You can't have one person take off one of the 'thousand' condoms.
It makes no sense.
And WHY is he rolling up his shirt sleeve?

Fail Harder.

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Better indeed...

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Hey i saw this a good 4 months ago, i think, at Olive Beach Bangalore. I had bummed a good 5-6 condoms off that dispenser then, hehehe. I 'm glad i contributed to the diminishing number :D

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cool idea! if this was carried out in pubs and nite clubs i think it is superbly effective! for, that's where usually people meet, pick-up and after a couple of drinks decide to hit it off. right message at the right place.
even the brazil idea is nice, but what's the point of putting it in broad daylight? though it would've gathered crowd, i can so see many of them( kids!) just plucking it and using it as balloons and that, i dont think is a way bring down the AIDS!

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got me thinking
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I agree. It works far better where the condoms are reached out to a vulnerable audience rather than leave it out in the open where people are embarassed plucking off condoms. This is definitely more hard working. An awesome idea too. Keep it up.

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very interactive and highly effective, simple n direct...luv it..one hitch though, how did TA know they were condoms n were supposed to be picked up ??

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Very Intelligent. But seems little pretentious to reach 0000 in the end.
Nevertheless I love this !

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Very Intelligent. But seems little pretentious to reach 0000 in the end.
Nevertheless I love this !

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I have seen same kind of idea right here this website...before which was also ambiant kind ...the Idea was same but 2 different execution equally beautiful...so nice.

"No think is impossible"

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Intelligent ads are the need of the hour.

Way to go i say. A marvel indeed.
Hey suresh VB.. r you mallu..?

Intelligent ads are the need of the hour.

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this is good
i prefer this one with numbers
it's more direct and feels more real
great stuff

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SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!! I love it ! i prefer this one that AIDS...

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Pretty good, but looks mokre like contemporary art, i'm not sure i would dare taking one of this condoms... and if we want the number 3, we have to wait ! i don't want to be a 7 or a 5 :D

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no Rules, no Limits, only Situations

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nice idea... is it a scam?

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Superb man... one of the more creative ads i've seen anywhere


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