Snickers: Stickers

Advertising Agency: Proximity, Mexico
Creative Director: Gerardo Rangel
Art Directors: Juan Carlos Palacios, Rebeca Fernández, Elizabeth Juárez
Copywriters: Eduardo Velázquez, Isaac Barrera

October 2008


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True, but you know that every media mention of this also mentioned Snickers and got them a world of free advertising. Very clever work and -- for a change for these kinds of things -- surprisingly well done.

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and then after it melt it you can lick em, and they taste like sneakers. yuck! have you ever thrown a snickers bar in a public swimming pool. you'd be surprise what the outcome will be.

Arnold Santillan

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does bill murray have to stop hunting the gopher and drain the pool? (caddyshack)

back to snickers: the tattoos are cool freebies, but disconnected from product. nevertheless, it's a cool extra step for an event sponsor, and they look good as well.

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Not necessarily disconnected. Snickers has been promoting a brand that's trying to style itself as the equivalent of "power bars" used by athletes.

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Very cool idea. nice job.

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Guest commenter

kind of reminds me of the bullet stickers that some charity did.

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