Smok-Ink: Lungs

The Smok-Ink exhibition is an innovative project half way between art and science, conceived by Moreno De Turco and Mirco Pagano, a creative team at TBWA\Italy and made with the artistic support of street artist Ozmo. It is a project by First Floor Under, digital publishing house and event venue, created under the artistic direction of Francesco Guerrera and Nicola Lampugnani. Humanitas, center of excellence for treatment and research, has supplied the creative team with scienfic information and has supported the project together with Fondazione Humanitas. The result is a 60 square meter canvas entirely hand painted, with an artistic infographic scientific twist. Numbers, images and words are combined together and tell, with a very understandable but particular language, what happens to the lungs of a smoker. Smok-Ink (#smokink) is an installation that literally involves the visitors showing "from within" the damages caused by cigarette smoke. The result, therefore, turns the perspective upside down and it is an experience that leaves its mark.

Producer: Federico Fornasari

Creative director (Digital): Michele La Fiandra
Web developer: Chiara Villotta

Advertising Agency: TBWA, Italy
Art Directors / First Floor Under: Francesco Guerrera, Nicola Lampugnani
Creators / curators / Smok-Ink: Moreno Del Turco, Mirco Pagano
Artist: Gionata Gesi
Assistant to the artist: Mattia Turco
Art director / calligrapher: Virginia Ottina
Account executive: Marianna Capua
Art Director Digital: Federico Gatto
Production company: First Floor Under
Experience Design: Dadomani Studio
Video Maker: Flash Factory
Music: Sheldon Cooper

May 2013


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I like the idea.

Tricky to get people to not smoke.

Maybe for kids who haven't yet taken up smoking though...?

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not a bad idea.

kleenex's picture
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not a bad idea.

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