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Dick Huges
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been done before?

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I believe it has...

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Don't know if this is done before, but at least this works, unlike the other two.

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yeah, it was done in mumbai, india. it was on the exhaust of a truck.
wouldnt these be better if it was "what we SMELL when you smoke"? as in, smokers breath etc..
we all know what you look like when you smoke - no new news here really.
im going for a ciggy now.

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chintan ruparel
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yes...been done b4 by an indian agency... i think everest brand solutions! cant get d link..
bt its done 4 sure..

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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Truth is, you'll never be able to read it down there.

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Yeah..been done and that also picked some awards as well I guess.

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Jonny Lonestar
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this is sooooo dumb. ok. you see smoke come out someone's mouth when they ... "smoke"!!! no way!!!

Thank you for illuminating this super obvious fact for me. I'm with kre8. both in concept, and in the fact that this makes me want to go have a smoke. 1/10

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me thinks
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I've seen a lot of similar ads like this.

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how do agencies get away with exploiting people by using there cars and other personal property to tell a negative message?


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Done before. Go India!

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Done before.

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Lecter Lecaros
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Done many times before

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done on a bus. Wich is better because of its size

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the concept is used before some where on Public BUS.

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