Smashed TV

May 2007

Almost since rock'n'roll began it has inspired bad behavior. Using one of the most famous examples of rock star excess - like hurling a TV from a hotel room window - we're implying that Marshall Music sells more than just gear, they sell attitude.

Advertising Agency: BBDO, Cape Town, South Africa
Creative Director: Ivan Johnson
Art Director: Quentin Arendse
Copywriter: Warren van Rensburg
Photographers: Emielka van Wyk, Andy Lund

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Made Of Ideas's picture
Made Of Ideas
Activity Score 100

Hmmmm...seems like a bad attitude to me.

slim's picture
Activity Score 1047

Where's the twist? Not good.

addyhoch10's picture
Activity Score 2592

there's not even the marshall logo on the sheet...
doesn't work as an ad but it's an awesome piece of street art.

Jet Propulsion Lab's picture
Jet Propulsion Lab
Activity Score 10679

...until a dog pees on it.
Wait, that actually makes it even better!

addyhoch10's picture
Activity Score 2592

dog pee, people constantly running into the art piece, dossers taking away parts and leaving their empty bottles of bum wine in return...
that's rock'n'roll!!

Beatboxer's picture
Activity Score 1517


Yeah, not immediately understandable.

Have Heart's picture
Have Heart
Activity Score 922

Needs the Marshall logo.