SmartLife Foundation: Dream

A story of how 17,793 nails have changed the lives of UAE's blue-collar workers' children.

Advertising Agency: FP7/DXB, Dubai, UAE
Head of Insights / Strategy: Tahaab Rais
Executive Creative Director: Paul Banham
Associate Creative Directors: Josephine Younes, Nayaab Rais
Art Directors: Paul Banham, Josephine Younes, Nayaab Rais
Copywriters: Paul Banham, Nayaab Rais, Tahaab Rais, Josephine Younes
Account Director: Vicky Kriplani
Strategic Planner: Sameer Islam
Pointillist Artist / Illustrator: Asitha
Creative Services Manager: Khaled Hamza
Assistant Production Manager: Sreenivasan Kuniyil
Motion Artist: Ashraf Muhammadunny
Editor: Aurangzaib Zafar
Regional IT Director: Arun Kumar Krishnan
Producers: Dolly Saidy, Mario Atallah, Karol Akl
Media: Sherif Ghanem, Navid Hussain
Published: December 2013

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sasan21's picture
3 pencils

the best thing i have seen!

reves80's picture
37 pencils

Interesting take

Copy_ranter's picture
194 pencils

Lovely Idea with a positive impact. Well done FP7.

R B's picture
284 pencils

they picked up swadesh's music! :D

chrismarks's picture
3 pencils

Brilliant work done for a fantastic cause. Well done.

ad_1410's picture
11 pencils

I like it

Osama Tezuka's picture
Osama Tezuka
3 pencils

Nice one!!!

kleenex's picture
26866 pencils

Great idea.

qaamir20's picture
64 pencils

Well, it is not a new technique to be honest. Seen it done a couple of times before. But, what I love about it and why i agree with most that it's a great idea is the fact that is based on such a beautiful insight, is so much more effective than the frivolous 'same' executions done before and is truly meaningful. Hence, deserves the 9 stars!

reves80's picture
37 pencils

yeah nails are much harder than chopsticks or pins!

reves80's picture
37 pencils

3-dimensional objects on canvas is an art form... not an idea. A dragon made of chopsticks ain't the same idea. Nor is a message made out of pins. Still like this take so much more.

Shujath's picture
52 pencils

i love the cause and the irony of the nails. wow guys.

Austin Video Production's picture
Austin Video Pr...
785 pencils

Nicely done.

baliais's picture
2526 pencils


Phantom's picture
116 pencils


creativejayanta's picture
52 pencils

nice one!!!

Jayanta Behera

Marcao's picture
2227 pencils

Nailed it!

AdDoc's picture
75 pencils


Tahaab.Rais's picture
176 pencils

Wow! Love the responses :)

Tahaab.Rais's picture
176 pencils

Extremely proud of the effectiveness of this campaign and the real, meaningful difference it has made to over 40 kids by now. It wasn't about clamouring for awards, but making an idea that matters. And we're glad to call this a successful initiative for a great organization. We're taking this internationally to other markets and want to thank all the ones who contributed those 17,000+ nails for believing in us and in this idea. And all who shared this video. Thank you Ads of the World for featuring this for the advertising community and wish more people from the community like and share this for its REAL objective of making a real difference, and to generate the much required social currency that'll help us get more sponsors.

2 eyeballs's picture
2 eyeballs
64 pencils

simple and effective for a good cause. I'd buy a nail for sure.

Xphia's picture
614 pencils

for a greater cause. meaningful!

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