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In conjunction with the opening of the 2010 Canadian International Autoshow, smart Canada is educating urban dwellers regarding one of the many benefits of driving a smart fortwo. A head-turning marketing initiative in downtown Toronto has wedged a giant shoehorn behind a smart fortwo, visually illustrating that the less than 3 metre smart fortwo can park almost anywhere. The display, parked in various high traffic downtown locations, also imparts the message: “Fits into tight places”, and prompts onlookers to visit “” The idea aims to demonstrate that just like your favorite pair of shoes, the smart fortwo can comfortably fit into any lifestyle. The smart fortwo is the most fuel-efficient two-seater in Canada, and it boasts a spacious interior, a 5-star crash safety rating and great agility to dart through traffic while avoiding potholes and other urban hazards. This unique and larger-than-life display playfully conveys that the intelligently designed smart fortwo is the ultimate tool to conquer the city. The ambient initiative will continue throughout the duration of the 2010 Canadian International Autoshow.

Advertising Agency: BBDO Toronto, Canada

February 2010


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ek kanya
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sweeeeet! love this one!

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i dont know how you got in there and i don't know how you're gonna get out of that one. cool idea nontheless.

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Nice idea.

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@macluvin, maybe gray cars are part of the cast!

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You don't need the shoehorn.


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its fresh way for saying message that smart sad 100 times before. I do not agree with you Sirvan, that the shoehorn is not needed there.
If u put it out, u get only a car not very well parked with some signs on the doors. Its quite good Job and i hope it will work well.

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Se arriesgaron al decir algo que ya se ha dicho a cerca de esta auto. Sin embargo lo resolvieron muy bien. :) Nice

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Cooooool, i love this a great simple idea.

Simple ideas are the best !

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Fun... Does this "little" card works for car sales in Canada?

loved this one better:

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absolutely yes! very nice...

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very simple & surprising!

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Great job BBDO Toronto.

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The owner of those cards behind and in front of those Smarts will be so glad.

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I just want to point out that the red and yellow smarts are parked between the same cars. it's just the photo taken from different parts of the street. it feels like a ghost. i don't know...I'm having a bad monday today.

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So cute and funny!

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I really like the over all idea... Wish it you have been maybe worked a little more. The message is very clear, but the one thing that I just seemed to get hung up on is that the Smarts are being blocked in by the same two cars. It just has that setup feel. But other then that, great job.

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Great idea!

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