Smart: Fine

Buy yourself a smart from just 8.990€ and forget about anymore fines.

We placed traffic fines on cars that were double-parked or badly parked on major streets around the city. When drivers read the traffic fine amount they discovered that if they were to buy a smart, for just 8.990€, they could easily park anywhere.

Advertising Agency: Contrapuntobbdo, Madrid, Spain
Creative Directors: Felix del Valle, Carlos Jorge
Art Director / Copywriter: Raúl López
Photographer: Antonio Gutierrez


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It would be illegal here in Bangkok for fabricating government documents.

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Not liking this. The message doesn't make sense to me. A smart car won't help you drive better and you're eliminating so many people who might want a smart car because they're parking well.

Fist anywhere is great though.

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Also parking fines are currently being done a lot and are a massive headache for people.

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Good idea, but I think police will be all over this.

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Fist anywhere!

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Touching other's property to place ads on it is not a good idea.
Enrage them with the very same ad that looks like a fine what they didn't deserve is even worse idea.
But the worst idea is thinking that this ad will improve sales or be of any good for the brand. It will not.
It will be teared to small pieces and the only result will be anger and intolerance with drivers who already driving a Smart.

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Good insight, lame excecution.

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an old idea but still funny !

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