Smart: Corner billboard

Reinforced steel structure.

Advertising Agency: Contrapunto, Madrid, Spain
Creative Directors: Carlos Jorge
Art Director: Carlos Jorge
Copywriter: Félix del Valle
Producer: Javi Lujan

January 2007


like.a.boy's picture
227 pencils

The force is strong in this ambient...

Spanky's picture
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this looks like photoshop

Fk Mikenj's picture
Fk Mikenj
197 pencils

can anyone explain ? i don't get it.

Spanky's picture
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i think the idea is supposed to be that steel is strong enough that you can hang a car to a billboard. it looks fake. beyond that, who cares? we already know steel is strong. we have 1,500 foot buildings made out of it. i'm not impressed.

mdamics's picture
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I'm not even sure myself, but I think they might be trying to say that the steel in the car is so strong that they couldn't even bend the cutout to fit against the wraparound billboard...?

Fk Mikenj's picture
Fk Mikenj
197 pencils

i think you'r right. So i think its a good idea,but bad photography/photoshopy

notanugget's picture
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I think you figured it out. It's a good thing, because I certainly wouldn't have.

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"I tried to go round that corner, officer, but my new smart just went straight!"

bigbadfatmadafaka's picture
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Not a winner,no way.

Rog's picture
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The visual treatment where the car's "pulled away" from the billboard throws me.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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:: aRs :: its photoshop! look at the papers below it, and they are all in spanish, so why should anyone make an english ad in a spanish speaking country?

Guest's picture

Actually it's not that unusual to have ads with English headlines in countries where English is not the first language. I see quite a few mag ads with an English headline and German or Italian body copy. English h/ls are very common in Asia too.

Given that, I have no idea if this ad is photoshopped. I don't know if it is fake, but I do know it is crap.

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