Bike lock

June 2010
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Objective: Showcase the smart car’s impressive ability to park anywhere in a dense, busy urban environment.

Concept: We created an oversized bike lock to exaggerate the smart car’s ability to park anywhere. We put this in various places around the city.

Target Audience: Urbanites seeking a vehicle that makes sense for the city.

Prop Builder: Haralds Gaikis-Uplis Ltd.

Advertising Agency: BBDO, Toronto, Canada
Executive Creative Director: Ian Mackellar
Copywriter: Craig Mcintosh
Producer: Beatrice Bodogh
Art Directors: Jaimes Zentil, Kevin Filliter
Typographer: Jaimes Zentil
Advertiser’s Supervisor: Christian Gani
Account Manager: Steve Groh
Account Supervisors: Andrew Hayes, Robin Steele

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I'm not really sure what the message is here. That the car is secure? Bikes need to be locked up because they are easy to steal, so is this what this is saying? The Smart car is like a bike? If it is a reference to the size and mobility of the car in likeness to the bicycle it still doesn't work as it should be shown as such, getting into small gaps and being mobile. Interesting visual but makes no sense.