Sixt: Wi-Fi

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/ Alster, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Directors: Fabian Frese, Daniel Frericks, Götz Ulmer
Copywriter: Jo Marie Farwick
Art Director: Till Monshausen
Editing and Naildesign: Benita Rath

September 2008


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The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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Guest commenter

I agree with the question mark

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Senhora Kolossa
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wtf? doesn't seem to be a students work. seems to be a great work. makes me wanna rent cars till the cow comes home.

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boring. it's just a stunt, not a campaign.

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Crisp One
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I totally agree, but when I'm in the airport, I too get frustrated searching for free wifi...so in light of me experiencing this very same emotion, I feel this is clever, and free. Rarely do opportunities come across where "free and clever" are both hit for a client.

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I didn't quite catch if Sixt sponsors free surfing on the wifi network or only allows you to surf to their campaign site. The latter would just piss me off.

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Guest commenter

Well, I really don't know. I saw this idea also at a small restaurant using this trick with the daily menus. I don't know but its not bad.

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Who makes adverts about how clever their adverts are?
The guy sounds like a right smarmy git.

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It's a documentary, not an ad. It's been done to show the idea to people like us and maybe the agency clients.

Anyway, the IT solution is very clever. Great base to communicate other products/services.

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the airport in hamburg is really overloaded with advertisements.
do we really need this on top of it
...an here comes the question mark again...
it's an overdosis.

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john doe
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do we really need this on top of it...
absolutely! because it's a perfect placement for communication and actually useful.

simple and clever thinking!

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It looks like a really dreadful way to spam. I would be ok with *one* wireless network name and only if it indeed provided free surfing; any more and it feels like Sixt vomited into my computer.

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Guest Access

It's too overloaded at the airport. And I think even advertisers don't like to be flooded with more advertising. I think they would also get in trouble with providers with real licences where you have to pay.

Seems more to be an idea to win some awards – slippy.

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Senhora Kolossa
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done before by LLR. sorry guys.

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Proof it, guys, proof it!

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just loved the strategy...clever, engaging, and helpful...that's all the consumer needs

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It's a very intelligent tactic to get the point across. Hello! If you don't get this, your English must be dreadful.

And no, it isn't a documentary, it's a case study. Jesus!

Congrats to the Creative Team from America!

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