Sinvino Java Tea: Play Table in the Sky

To create the comeback of a JAVA TEA, a tea for meal. First released 23 years ago the product vanished from store, but now Otsuka Foods had decided to revive it. A different approach was needed to stand out from competitors. To present a concept “Play Table”, invited diners to eat at a table suspended 40 meters in the air by a crane in Tokyo’s most populated area. The meal was accompanied by JAVA TEA and served by waiters. Perfect Refreshing view made eating more enjoyable, as they demonstrated that dining can also be play with JAVA TEA. JAVA TEA made a brilliant comeback. Numerous comments posted to social networks, all the Japanese TV, radio, and print media made reports. JAVA TEA and “restaurant in the sky” trending heavily in online search engines. Stores asked to stock the product, and “Play Table” concept continues to influence eating trends.

Advertising Agency: Frontage Inc., Tokyo, Japan
Creative Directors: Yasushi Machida, Tsuyoshi Ohka
Copywriters: Kinya Okamoto, Yoshifumi Nishihara
Agency Producers: Hirotaka Fukatsu, Daichi Ushiro
Account Executive: Minoru Kuboki
Production company: Taiyo Kikaku
Photographer: Senzo Ueno
Production Producer: Hideya Takita
Offline Editor: Tomohiro Suzuki
Online Editor: Dai Haga
Sound production company: Aiin
Music Arranger: Sato Yu
Released: May 2012


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Ho hum.

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So... they booked a table at "Dinner in the Sky" (which was first pitched in 2004) and brought their own drinks? About as unique as hosting a club night and only selling your own booze.

who cares? ima play some tunes instead

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