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good idea

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Personally, I give drugs and alcohol directly to homeless people for fear that my money will be wasted on clothing or food.

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Nice idea. But I doubt it's compelling enough for many people to take the time to scan the qr code.

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Roger Keynes
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Simple. Engaging. Worthy.
And, above all, it gets the guard down.
(Plus, I have a weakness for stuff like this!:)

Will Think for Salary

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It's bringing homelessness into the 21st century.

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nice one.

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It's interesting, but feeling very gimmicky.

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The idea is interesting.. but i don't if the message goes through this way... Also i wonder if it could be offensive for people that actually are homeless and have no drinking / drug problems...

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How is this idea at all associated with rough sleepers?? If the agency had taken the time to actually research into the service that Simon on the Streets actually provide they would understand that this idea is far from that. Rough sleeper would not be found laying in the open, especially in victoria quarters hahaha. And from my own experience, I'm pretty sure many of them don't go to bed with a bottle of water either...

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