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nice way to make people remember the drug...

hatchooooooo! oh god i sneezed get me one bottle to cure my self!! lol

| Everartz |

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nice one. can surely generate a lot of buzz...

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juanito jones
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I forgot to say on my comment: I found the video of the action at youtube.


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anything you can do to stand out helps

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Didn't realise sore throat was one word I must buy a new dictionary. To let that get through is unforgivable. It ruins a nice idea.

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Come on.... If you look at the actual photography you will see it in the original language without any mistakes.

I would rather see good ideas (that actualy ran) with bad translation than bad ideas (made just for this blog ) with good translation.

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Creative license.

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I'm having Mucosolvan to help in a 'blocked nose' situation.

It kind of tastes like a mint-hardcore sirup. Kind of.

Though all of you might want to know this. Ehehehehehe

Have fun, Keep a smile on, And energize the world!

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juanito jones
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That's cool!

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What the Hell
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I like it.

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