Foreign Beer Exchange, Austin City Limits Festival 2009

October 2009
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Heineken is a major sponsor of the Austin City Limits music festival, which means Shiner beer, the local favorite, can't be served on the festival grounds. So in order to defend Shiner¹s turf, the Foreign Beer Exchange Program was born. Concert goers were given Shiner wooden nickels, good for free Shiner at the Foreign Beer Exchange Program Headquarters. The headquarters housed porta potties where people could relieve themselves of the lesser, foreign beer, and ³exchange² it for an ice-cold Shiner.

Advertising Agency: McGarrah Jessee
Creative Directors: Cameron Day, James Mikus
Art Director: Beau Hanson
Copywriter: Tannen Campbell

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At first I don't know what is "Foreign Beer Exchange" all about... and then i found out... haha! Nice way to cheat on Heineken...
I never know what shiner is as they are not in my country, but now I feel like I want to know more about them. LOL, even though Heineken had always been one of my favorite.


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