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a cylinder shaped Cactus??? hahaha

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imagination? anyone?

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no need to imagine them, there are, indeed, cylinder shaped cactus.

the thing is that i didn't know this was a fertilizer ad, until i read it in a comment.
is this brand of fertilizer so well known in germany that there is no need to explain it in the ad itself?

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the brand is known, yes.. but this ad is aimed at award shows (which is ok for me) - so they did not bother about explaining a lot.

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This is pretty cool but unoriginal

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Whats the SERAMIS is all about ....are they tryin to seell that scary carpet....nice ambient which is over used..
But truely depand on how you use it....nice

"No think is impossible"

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the cactus doesn't work as well as the others.
particularly i don't love these because i think they could be produced in a better way, but the idea is cool. but again, forget the cactus, it seems just a photo put in the column.
the other two are rounded anyway, so they're ok.

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luks like a copied wallpaper...lolz

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