Sentosa Singapore, Barclays Singapore Open: Pool Table

The Barclays Singapore Open is played on one of the toughest courses in Asia. We were asked to create awareness for this event. So we highlighted the immense skill required to be a professional golfer by comparing it to other sports. Based on this idea, we imagine if we apply all these natural factors into other sports, say soccer, how would it be? It would be amazingly difficult to play. For this campaign we developed print and poster ads, bus advertisements and impossible but real pool tables, featuring slopes, trees and bunkers. We placed them inside sports bars around Singapore. Despite rain and indement weather on two of the days, the tournament still managed to draw a crowd of over 23.000 spectators.

Advertising Agency: TBWA/Tequila, Singapore
Executive Creative Director: Graham Kelly
Creative Directors: Hagan de Villiers, Garry Steele
Art Director: Merlin Kwan
Copywriter: Paul Allen
Photographer: Invy Ng


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This installation is more powerful than print in my opinion.
The game is similar, put a ball in a hole, so it's more effective.

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Man would 18 differrent holes of pool golf look just soooooo cool in a pool hall.

I would love something like that,

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While this execution is more true, it's more so what. I don't watch people play pool. And I don't watch golf.

The other ad is a false analogy. You don't have other players attempting to block your shot in golf. And you don't have to race to the ball before someone else gets there. Overall, I'd say it's a losing argument to compare golf to more exciting sports. And comparing it to equally boring games doesn't buy you much. Overall, it's more a problem of strategy than creative.

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Like it because haven't seen similar stuff yet. Pretty new. If golf is really tougher compared to other sports. I don't know, maybe that's why more ppl do play soccer than golf in this world? Isn't advertising always exaggerating? Really good tho, looks solid.

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Well done. Pretty fresh.

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my favorite.

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Good idea.I like it.


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Logically flawed. But new and interesting enough that I think its talk value more than compensates for its shortcomings.

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Well done!!!!!!!!


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neary jaclies
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