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hi i'm asanda johnson and i'm an unknown artist but live in the motion of words.

we got in this world...
when it spun crazily
when it drifted clumsily
when it echoed annoyingly
and when it quieten solically

i arborted reality from the gaze of ,my eyes
i dug fantasy with hope of "never happen"
i stood and tried to freeze the moment of truth
cause the oath of fantasy is now broken

so here and now
my mind raced akwardly
my vision became mistily
my uttering diverted into tongues
as i slowly gazes far into internity

how easy is one's mind poisoned
eating and not knowing knowlegde is the fruit of wisdom
to be eaten carefully and digested fully

i would have bonded with the trio
viraly sustained
healthy, sickly and deadly

we would be joined in blood steams like river streams joined to the ocean
we would meet the eve of iternal sleep
so here i am, i'm living,i'm leaving
the unfinished story