Senador Volstead: Hidden beer

We needed to launch a new beer in Spain. The insight of the idea came from the name of the beer, that was ironically put in honor of Senator Volstead, who once prohibited the consumption of alcohol. The idea was to go back to that time and hide the beer as they used to in the 20´s, that way making it taste like something prohibited and make people curious about taste it. To promote and to sell the beer we made a special event to find the beer hidden in a books cabinet and a website where that was also hidden. At first sight it seemed to be just an online toy store, full of teddy bears, but with some clues you could find out that resizing the page the real website of the beer would be revealed. After purchase, the delivery was also hidden in a teddy bears box.


Web Programming:

Advertising Agency: Cheil Worldwide, Madrid, Spain
Chief Operating Officer: Javier Taboada
Executive Creative Director: Manuel Montes
Creative Director: Álvaro Rodríguez-Solano
Interactive Creative Director: Jorge Morales
Interactive Copywriter: Berta Sánchez
Interactive Art Directors: Jose Ramón Vilar, Jorge Negrotti
Art Director: Federico García Arias
Copywriter: Silvia Aparicio
Post-Production: All Awards
Art Director: Federico García Arias
Copywriter: Silvia Aparicio

March 2012


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Brilliant naming strategy and campaign overall.

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Loved how they sold the product.

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Senator, not Senador.

^ ^

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Ad_boy, in Spanish is Senador, not Senator

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