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probably world's largest crystal tattoo collection visit

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All I can think of when I see this is underarm chaffing caused by the little jewels. It's an interesting concept - trying to turn a rather unsexy area not commonly shown off into a quasi-secretive/sexual thing. But I'm still thinking how having that thing rubbing under my arm all day would totally suck.

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nice gaijin
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there's a reason this hasn't been done before.

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and hello lady, technically its just hte underside of the bicep, now if you really put it in the 'pit' then we'll have something to talk about

... its already been done...

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we be posting product intros from now on, yes?

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so your armpits are so wet, you can grow plants in it? Now that's the deodorant I'm looking for...

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Smart way of generating hype around an uncomfortable topic. So just non-technically: good. really.

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Oh my God! A crystal tattoo over the armpit?
For me it's disgusting.

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Cool! Sexy and never seen! Brilliant idea. I think it does not bother you, rather makes you feel special. How can I get it?

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Let's be honest: these kind of brands hardly ever communicate with any respect towards women... It's always about how disgusting an armpit can turn into, you can almost smell it in the ads :)

I really appreciate the change of viewpoints on this field. And besides... I guess I would find it more than sexy if I saw a woman wearing these!

(I can't wait to see something similar when it comes to sanitary pad communication, and I don't mean underlap jewels in this case :))

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probably world's largest crystal tattoo collection visit