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forget the ad, hang this guy.

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Advertising Pawn
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Wierd art direction + choice of spot. And "in 2043" make it sound like it's a science fiction concern rather than a looming reality. Meh.

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Stephan D
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where was it placed? in the wall in front of the agency?

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If its a fact, we cant do anything.
"In 2043 the sea might be this high"
Thumbs Down!

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Shut Theory
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the copy originally is not in english so it might be bad translation, but still, what are the right words? because "might be" still is not powerful enough to call for action...
may be: the sea level is going to be this high, are you doing something to prevent this?

my take on this was: okay, what do u want me to do?

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maybe i will be dead, so i'dont care

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Activity Score 406

forget the ad, hang this guy.

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4 creative directors, half bad idea.

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ya, great idea, too bad the execution didn't live up to it.

... its already been done...

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I saw it in english 2 years ago.


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what's the idea here? they're marking the sea level in year 2043?
i don't get the idea :( sorry for my dumbness.

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The idea is to make people realize how high the sea level will be and shock them into action. It works for me, but I agree so much more can be done if we were to take this just a bit further.

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It's an ambient, right?
I think it's a nice idea, it works for me too
how you can avoid it is too reduce your impact here and there

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I think the friend of Truecopy has a good answer to this:
"Sex sells. Truth even better."

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POOR CONCEPT. Very basic.

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i think this was done much better for a - call for aid hoarding.
i dont recollect the exact copy but it roughly said -
during katrina this line would have been under water.

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Placement? Placement? Placement?
Stick it near Government Buildings.
Near Energy Co. HQ's.
On the steps leading up to office blocks,
railway stations, football stadiums etc.

The art direction is off, as well.
That looks like an address plaque.
Doesn't grab the eye at all.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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I am lovein it.
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