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is this in real lottery cards?


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er, take a wild guess...

i hate to be the guy who says 'seen it', so i won't.

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Works, but pretty obvious.

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"The single most visited breast cancer site during the campiagn" ??

You'd hope so, I mean, how many dedicated breast cancer sites are there in Hong Kong?

As for "thousands of women all over the world" logging on to the site, well, I think these guys might be talking themselves up a bit here...

The idea is pretty obvious but if it worked that's great. Imagine though, if the idea was awesome...

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not bad, inventive

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If those are actually lottery tickets, then they would have cost the gamblers money right?
what happens with the money they paid for this?
did they received another ticked?

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Boony wants a beer
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Does no one remember the sex lottery from a few years back?? If not, I may just have to rip it off as well, for the chlamydia campaign I'm working on at the moment...

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Global Cheese
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Fantastic! 10/10

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Great idea for a great cause.

This would definitely stop me in my tracks and make me think.

Good job !

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