Scotch Brite: Super absorbent

Advertising Agency: Y&R Bangkok, Thailand
Creative Director: Trong Tantivejakul
Art Director: Nares Limapornvanich
Copywriter: Jittra Thiutipsakul
Photographer: Pornchai Wongki-La
Released: January 2009


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What's more effective than a product demonstration, well done.

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Great guerilla.

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missed my turn
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Way to be. Good stuff.

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simply great!!!

Think it for a while.
Then, in anytime, it will come to your mind as an idea.

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its TOTALLY different...

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Are you kidding me? Both ads use a water-absorbing sponge as a replacement for a basin. Same idea, different product.


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One is actually a useful demonstration. The other makes no sense what so ever. Why would one want to cover up their sink? Makes no sense!

The drinking fountain one makes more sense as it allows people to see the product work, whilst still allowing one to use the drinking fountain. Kudos to the ambient one.

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Different and both good,
I can see the ambient one getting full of water and starting to drip like crazy after not too long though. Good stunt.

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not different, both good.

shoud have been from the same campaign though. Spunge is a good ambient on the sinck idea.

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Actually your wrong. The water will go through the sponge and into the drinking fountain drain hole. Thus giving the illusion that it is absorbing the water.

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One is a towel nip tuck, the other is a sponge, different ideas you fri*cken dump truck.

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pretty nifty idea

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its amazing how good ideas, once executed well, seem very effortless. good job!

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Wow, very impressive.

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Superb, love it

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Blair Semenoff
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Now that's a big fat guerilla ad!!! AWESOME!

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The Fair Play
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great guerilla guys! one of the best product demonstrations i've come across lately!

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done in a press ad already

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What a drink fountain was done in a print ad? Or do you mean a sponge was used in a print ad?

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the people drinking water are actually the agency's employees. this must have lasted for all of 10 mins.

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Yes we can't get one past you can we! Yes we hired a policeman outfit and motorcycle taxi service outfit and a school girl outfit and got our staff to dress
up in these costumes. Wow your so clever to have picked up on this.

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hey, i know that policeman and motorcycle taxi guy. It's the same person we used in our yellow pages outdoor ad. just 300baht per hour for them to stand around. cheap!

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very cool idea. but the sad thing is it is not real. it is so badly photoshopped! look at the logo on the sponge!

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Please send your email address to Ivan and i be happy to take a photo and send you close up photos of the sponges we used and prove that it was printed on, obviously everyone thinks they experts in knowing if something ran or is photoshopped. Why don't you come to our country and see for yourself
before you make comments.

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Looks real to me.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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Agree that this is a fucking rad idea.

but think of all the saliva and snot and gak that got absorbed into those sponges...I think I'm getting a disease just thinking about it :)


"I saw a subliminal ad executive once, but only for a second." - The Wright


I have thousands of pencils and $1.50 so I'm off to Starbucks

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giggle giggle giggle


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I love this but... erm... wouldn't it grow mouldy and what not after a few days?

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Thanks for your cool feedback. No it didn't go mouldy because the water went through the sponge and into the drinking fountain drain hole. So this way the water didn't sit in a puddle to form mould.

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isnt the water went down people's throat instead of the sponge?

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Good work... for the client too!!!

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Excellent superb .what do you want more?!

wt da?

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