Schuhkult Shoe Shop: Try it on

An ambient work made for a trendy shoe shop in Berne, the capital city of Switzerland. The ad was printed on paper and was distributed in a restaurant very near to the shoe shop. Our goal was to let the women "try" on the shoes during their lunch break. The name of the shoe shop and the address are written on the inner sole of the shoe.

Agency: LangGysiKnoll, Berne, Switzerland
Creative Director: Daniela Jakab
Art director: Stephan Wittwer
Copywriter: Lukas Schmid
Photographer: Guy Jost


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who wants to see a pair of shoes and feet while youre eating?

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White Space
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No kidding.

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Guilherme Bill Luz
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no in a restaurant, disgusting, how did they accept that?

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i know.....smelling shoes in ur plate, dsnt sound or looks gud to meeeeeeee//////.man?

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And they put female shoes on both sides of the table?
Is that like a lesbian only restaurant?

SCAM!(and a bad one)

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A great example of wrong placement.

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Nice execution. Perhaps away to counter the issues you raised is to show male and female feet as well as different pairs of shoes. I really don't think seeing feet before you eat is really that gross. Common.

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squirrely are you one of these guys?

Creative Director: Daniela Jakab
Art director: Stephan Wittwer
Copywriter: Lukas Schmid
Photographer: Guy Jost

seeing feet on a table next to your food is gross. no matter how beautiful they are.

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It doesn't smell that fresh.This media placement has been used before. More than once I guess. :-\

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it is far from real life.would you like to see someone ugly foot
while eatging

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If the food is good then I will ignore the shoe, and the shoe shop.

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It doesn't really work even if it is ok to have feet on the table. You need some distance between your hands and your feet. They could have put the shoes on the floor however.

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the mighty ham
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In switzerland feet are a delicacy.

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Oh c'mon, give me a break. This piece is nice. I check this website a couple of times a week and it makes me sick that most people always finds out bads things in all ads posted. You take advertising soooo seriously that it isn't fun anymore. Your comments only lead to boring, conventional and predictable advertising. Think about it!

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stop the gatoring. Its still unexpected to the general public, even if they don't like it, at least they will talk about it.

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if it put on the floor maybe the feel would not as disgusting as now on the table. think about it.

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johndoe's work must have been slammed couple of times a week. boohoo.

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