Scholl: Cracked heels

Challenge: Increase awareness to "Scholl" heel repair cream in Israel, while participating in "Good life festival" held in the Port of Tel Aviv, and getting the most attention in the festival.

The obstacle: The festival hosts all "good life" brands such as medicine, teeth, cosmetics, health food & snacks products, and there were about 50 stands, booths and activities of different brands. Now how do we make all 50,000 guests of the festival meet our brand without missing us, remember us, and leave with a smile?

Solution: The idea chosen was to create an 80 sqm carpet that will lie on the main entrance bridge to the festivals area, leading 90 percent of the crowd to walk on that bridge. The carpet was all printed in a high end color print, starting as a dried land which is coming back to life as you walk on, with a printed "Scholl" logo and product, with a sentence that shows our message: "repair treatment cream for cracked heels". This work resembles to the process of repairing your heels when dried, step by step. Right at the end of the carpet, 2 promotion stewardesses were giving away sample of the repair cream with a flyer. The crowd loved it.

Advertising Agency: Obsessive Creative Marketing, Israel
Creative Directora: Gal Markovich, Itay Atias
Art Director: Sahar Moor
Photographers: Avi Harel, Pini Siluk
Giant condom production:
Published: May 2010


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quite forced

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Results: The crowd loved it.

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Jaap Grolleman
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That's a very objective opinion from the agency, as always ;p

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Phil Lestino
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so what?

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when the same agency upload two commercials that look that fake so close one to the other, and thinking how close we are from Cannes. My guess would be that this shit is FAKE!! and really bad by the way...

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so you had "50 stands, booths and activites" that are probably selling something to compete with and you chose to "increase awareness"?

wow. genius!

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Cannes? jajajajajajaja

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Really nice work!

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It is funny that there is no photos with the crowd on it :))) I want to see all those 50 000 guests!!! )))

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it's funny that there is no any picture with all those guest on the carpet )) where are 50 000 people hide? ))

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That many people stepping on it? How would they know what they are stepping on?

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please help me iam at Al Jubail Saudi Arabia ,Where is available in KSA, Who is distributor in KSA?

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