November 2008

Don’t let acid attack claim another victim. Acid attacks are a common form of violence that occurs in many South East Asian and African countries. This scary act leaves thousands of women scarred for life every year. We can’t heal their wounds, but we can definitely put a stop to acid violence. To find out how, visit

Advertising Agency: JWT, Dubai, UAE
Executive Creative Director: Chafic Haddad
Art Director: Sally Tambourgi
Copywriters: Sally Tambourgi, Nrushingha Chowdhury

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Guest commenter

Frankly I'm a bit over the double page 'tearing'. It's been done before by other NPOs supporting rape victims, child abuse survivors etc.

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Done and done

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Despite the done x1000, it doesn't look anything like a chemical burn.

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Guest commenter

Indeed. Pointless and overdone.

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Guest commenter

How do people know it's part of the ad and not actually pages stuck together? It's not immediately obvious.

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100% replica

The idea, media channel and creative execution are stolen

Follow the link to see the innovative, authentic well executed idea

Brand: Garmastan
Ad title Torn Nipple
It's a print ad for maternity magazine. The double spread portrays a breastfeeding woman and her baby. Two pages are glued together. One you tear them off of each other, the baby's mouth tears off the nipple, thus demonstrating how painful breastfeeding can be, unless you can use Garmastan lotion

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Guest commenter

a hair removal company did this way back... anyone have the link?

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