SBS: Hug

Vote Earth. Switch off your lights for Earth Hour March 28th 8:30-9:30pm.
SBS is committed to Earth Hour.

Advertising Agency: US Sydney
Creative Director: Josh Moore
Art Directors: Josh Moore, Adrian Ely
Copywriter: Nigel Clark
Agency Producer: Jeff Edwards

August 2009


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aside from the shoddy photoshopping work, I have no clue what this is about. can someone explain?

I think; therefore I am

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i think it's an ambient idea. ' ilove trees, save 'em... all about protecting nature.

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Well if you actually read the copy on the media (or perhaps the explanation next to the image provided by Ivan?) you will see that it is promoting Earth Hour. And the insight of the people hugging the trees is from the internationally known term "tree hugger".

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The text came with the submission.

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You know what I mean, the text that is on the side explaining. Doesn't really matter if it was from you Ivan or by the person who submitted it.

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Great and lovely idea :)

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Bad photoshopping? It's paper dolls huggin' the trees...
Still, I don't get it either.

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I think it is an ambient idea, cardboard cutouts of people put around trees. However using cardboard / paper like this defeats the purpose of saving tree.

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i think its ok


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i like this

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the chemicals used in the production of those cutouts, not to mention the irony of using paper, far outweigh any possible benefit here.
and using "treehuggers" only reinforces negative stereotypes; there's no clever reappropriation of the word here.
but, yes, it's _cute_.

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Me gusta la idea, eso de abrazar arboles es muy bonito, simplemente se siente uno conectado y tocado por la publicidad. Si esta publicdad fuera dedicada a la accion directa con la naturaleza, como siembra de arboles, recuperacion de un parque o algo así, le daría un 10. De todos modos me gusta.

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just write
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it's just a picture without any work on it...

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I heard they used 100% recycled cardboard....

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Done by DDB Uruguay for the City Council.

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